Different from injection method!

Using patient’s own fat(an unnecessary fat) to inject on the area of the interest The advantage of the this procedure is having the natural line without foreign body The disadvantage of the previous fat grafting is when harvesting the fat, the physical stimulation interferes with the quality of the fat and the fat survival rate would go down When injected with sabotaged fat Harvestzet 2 is oriented to minimize the cell destruction Waterjet collects the fat cells and double layer filtered To remove the fibers tissues and free oil It would be very effective surgery using the pure fat cells

Breast fat grafting+hip-up surgery info




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  • Fresh’s Breast Fat Transfer

It is the most secure and effective way to fat transfer to the breast. We use 2way-access method to avoid breast tissue which is most highly-advanced transplantation of breast fat. From Fresh fat transfer to the breast, we can achieve a win-win situation which is not only could get the breast enlargement effect but also remove the abdomen or the thigh’s flab through liposuction.

volume injected into breast : 200~250cc

breast fat graft
  • Fresh only, auto-transplantation hip-up surgery

Fresh give you beautiful hip line with precise decision of where to and where not to suck up fat due to suction area with many experience of fat surgery. Hip-up surgery uses your own fat instead of prostheses. It has developed dramatically with technique and equipment of auto-transplantation. It is a surgery of removing fat in love handle, outer thighs, inner thighs, lower hip and etc injecting fat to hip, making beautiful hip line.

Amount of buttocks fat injection : 400~500cc

For the better improved cell compatibility and volume Very
 technique-dependent and performed by a experienced surgeon

Different from subtracting the fat!

It is the latest equipment to compensate for the degradation of engraftment caused by the destruction of fat cell. Through the water-jet method, collect fat cell with minimum damage and remove fibrous tissue and free oil which disturbs engraftment by dual filter. Then graft fat takes by 3 steps of skin texture.

Better engraft mentby rich growth factor

PRP contains abundant growth factors from platelets such as cytokines, PDGF, TGF-β1, VEGF, IGF and etc. Theses growth factor promotes cell growth, production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, would heal so it helps fat cells to engraft.

Using stem cell Lengthen the maintenance period

Fresh has been studying the stem cell fat surgery in order to lengthen the maintenanceperiod of fat cell. Fresh’s highest level of stem cell fat graft got uses TGI system which got approve of US FDA and also Korean Class II approval.

FRESH does test before and after surgery with ultrasonic diagnosis. Test before surgery diagnose how patient’s breast tissues are and whether there are any mammary fibroadenoma or lump or not to prevent side effects. Test after surgery check how fat are engrafted and whether there are oil cyst or necrosis or not and then decide whether process 2nd surgery or not.

Difference from the way of injection

Through 2 ways of access, it is effective and safe way to inject fat into
breast as avoiding mammary gland. It the most developed
surgery method by the result of researches for many years.